Faces and Voices of Cuba


 “Cuba… a colorful island of mystery. I had the opportunity to spend 40 days and 40 nights there photographing the unique life and culture… in…

LGBTQ Safe Place Initiative

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, District 4 City Commissioner Patty Sheehan and Orlando Police Chief John Mina Launch LGBTQ Safe Place Initiative on Six-Month Anniversary of Pulse Tragedy

As part of the City of Orlando’s continuing commitment to ensuring Orlando is an inclusive, diverse and accepting place that is safe for all residents and visitors, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dye…

Balls- a documentary


April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and to spread the word, we’re sharing our Balls for free!

In the first episode of Balls we get an introduction to testicles and what makes them weird, attractive and curious to diffe…

Balls 2~Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

In today’s episode of the Balls documentary we meet Peter who shares the story of how testicular cancer has impacted his life.

Interview with Balls documentary director, Nico Stagias

CHARLIE: You’ve created such an in depth …

A twist on Beauty & the Beast/Interview with Matthew Olson

Beauty & the Gay Beast by Matthew Olson the Shirtless Violinist

We had a few questions for Matthew and he was gracious enough to answer what we wanted to know- check it out below:

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Helping Gay Men Flee Chechnya


Everyone deserves to be treated equally!

Rainbow Railroad is desperately struggling to liberate gay and bisexual men from what can only be described as modern day Concentration Camps and provid…