Current Advertising Rates as of November 1st, 2013
Our current readership: 37,000+and climbing

Banner advertising:
$250.00 per month
Banner advertising is on rotating basis per month and banner ad is viewable on all pages of Banner advertising caps at 10 advertisers per month then rotates on a first come, first served list.

Tab advertising:
Choose your ad placement with our Tab specific advertising. Select from a certain category from our Table of contents Tab i.e. Everygay, Music, Writings, People, Artistic, Movies, Events and have your ad placed on that specific page. Ads will appear on a first come first served basis and will rotate or move their position as each Issue changes.

All ads will appear in our smallest format on our website as they all take the same format size via cellphone and tablet.

1 month – $75.00
3 months – $205.00
6 months – $405.00

Monthly reoccurring- $65.00 (per month with 1 year minimum contract)

Ad Specifications
All ads must be received in the following manor: Jpeg or Gif format and web ready.
Tab Ad size no larger than
Banner ads must be sized at 320×190