Charlie the Matchmaker

Make Memories That Last My Aunt said it best when she said that society today is “A hump and dump society.”  She explained how sad it is in this day and age that people jump right in the sack and usually break up and move right onto the next relationship as soon as there is…

House of La Rue

  There exists a style den, just beneath the street- born of whimsy and inspiration of sidewalks walked throughout the world, urban and rural, rich and poor, free and suppressed. Ideas, thoughts and dreams that identify who we are and the world we want.  House of La Rue is an intimate collection of clothing, accessories,…

Dance, Don’t Slip

Good times had by all, especially these three.  I so wanted to join in!  Dancing at the Boatslip in Provincetown, Massachusetts

Three times the fun!

A cool trio dancing at the Boatslip in Provincetown, Massachusetts…oh what fun it is to have…I should have joined in, but who would hold the camera?

Swell 247

Colorful, modern gifts that’ll put some delight in your life. …another fun store to delight the senses when romping around Provincetown Massachusetts.  Unique with every turn you make within this store. Swell247

Red Square Inc

The gentlemen who own/operate this wildly sexual store are simply charming!  When you walk into RED SQUARE you become completely surrounded by color and exciting clothing sure to be a hit when worm bouncing around Provincetown Massachusetts.  I was so taken by this quaint store that I bought a swimsuit, a necklace and a bracelet!  I’d…

Pied Piper & his followers

Dancing at the Pied Piper in Provincetown, Massachusetts after the Tea dance at the Boatslip.  Dance I said…and we did!

First Period

  “First and foremost, I am a storyteller.  Whether that means being behind the camera, in front, or in a stand-up act… I have a compulsion to share stories, and make people laugh.”  Charlie Vaughn Growing up in Southern California, Hollywood was literally Charlie Vaughn’s backyard.  In the second grade, he read a book about…

South Beach on Heels

South Beach on Heels  -the film that will change the way the world see D.R.A.G. “South Beach on Heels” Real Lives. Real Stories. Is a documentary about D.R.A.G. Queens. It invites you to take a tour where you will be an eye witness to their amazing transformation through wigs, make-up, costumes, jewels and of course their…